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Hitesh S.

Hitesh S.


Woodland Hills, CA

Seriously I could go on and on about Greg and his business but there isn't enough
space. Suffice it to say if you have a PC problem save yourself the time and hassle and go here! Greg called me after office hours to help me solve my problem. He's the Best!!! Thanks Greg.


Li S.

Li S.


Encino, CA

Greg really went above and beyond -- I was in a fix, as my DC jack was dying a slow and miserable death, plus my battery was dead. The big problem? I work from home, so no computer = missed deadlines galore. Greg ordered the part, got my computer fixed even earlier than he said he'd be able to turn it around, and even better? His quote for the repair was substantially lower than the other place I called. Plus, Greg is very professional and nice, which is a good thing when you're about to completely freak out.

Although I hope my lemon of a computer is done fritzing out for a while, I do feel better knowing I can take it to a trustworthy, competent IT guy.


Chris L.

Chris L.

North Hollywood, CA


Well Greg definitely lived up to his company's name. It was a very quick and easy issue to deal with luckily but I couldn't have asked for a quicker fix. I left my computer with Greg and he was done within an hour if not less. No lines, set a time to come in and he was there and ready. I figured I would be looking at dishing out an arm and a leg as with most electronic fixes but it wasn't. If I ever have computer issues in the future I will definitely be going back to him! Thanks Greg!



Nevin S.

Nevin S.

Los Angeles, CA


Left Greg my computer Thursday because the computer would not send a signal to  my monitor so I could see anything.
First he tried to help me diagnose it over the phone, but I wasn't much help since im not too computer savvy. So i scheduled to drop it off that night. He called me 2 days later and it was ready to-go, he diagnosed it for free and just charged me $20 to fix it!! That was a fast turn around and cheap considering he has a full time job doing something else and he does this PART TIME! Real nice guy too. Thanks Greg! I will ALWAYS RECOMMEND YOU and will continue using your services.



Kate P.

Kate P.


11/11/20155 Star Computer Service is the best find! I was standing in an hour + line at a large computer retailer (to have my computer serviced) when I thought, "there has to be a better way." So, I looked on Yelp and found Greg. With excellent, fast service and fair pricing, I'll be calling him again and again. Thanks, Greg! Well done!



Sam L.

Sam L.

Broomfield, CO


Fixes problems quickly and at a more than reasonable price.
Highly recommend his service.


Rajeeth S.

Rajeeth S.

Los Angeles, CA


Very friendly Chap and Awesome service..!! This guy surely earned one more life time Customer. Keep it up.



 Joey D.

Joey D.

North Hollywood, CA


Greg is top notch. He explained everything in detail that he was going to do and was very quick. He even added a part to my computer at no extra charge. Will definitely do business with him again. Thank You!!!



Kathy I.

Kathy I.

Los Angeles, CA

8/13/2015Greg is an excellent technician. Fixes problems quickly and at a more than reasonable price. Highly recommend his service.


Todd C.

Todd C.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


I couldn't be happier as a customer. Service was fast. Pricing was fair. Communication was great. Scheduling was flexible. It was a one-stop shop for everything I needed. I was even advised about ways to save money on the services I was requesting. Greg replaced a few laptop parts for me and recovered data from a bunch of old hard drives. Overall, it was a job well done. I would recommend to my family and friends. Thank you, Greg!



Chris H.

Chris H.

Los Angeles, CA


Greg is fantastic. Got a computer problem? Stop worrying, call Greg.



mmm b.

mmm b.

Los Angeles, CA

7/2/2015Excellent service!!! Greg was quick in upgrading my laptop in 48 hours. Discussed with me any part replacement before any work was done. I also needed a laptop battery replaced. Even though he didn't carry the part himself, he did an online search for me and found an original dell battery at a great price. As a busy working mom who is not the most computer savy, I greatly appreciated saving the time of doing my own research. I look forward to have Greg care for our family PC's in the future.


John C.

John C.

Los Angeles, CA


Let me start by saying that I joined Yelp specifically to write this review. If you have a PC in need of repair do yourself a favor and take it to Greg at 5 Star Computer Service, you will be impressed and delighted. In a world where customer service is constantly evaporating Greg redefines it. He is one of the most trustworthy, helpful and honest individuals I have ever encountered and these traits go a long way when dealing with your personal computer. I recently took a very sick HP laptop to Greg for service. Turns out the motherboard was on its last leg and unfortunately as the laptop is over 5 years old finding a replacement became a near impossibility. It took over a month but I eventually secured a replacement from England. During this time Greg was extremely patient and offered rock solid advice. Every step of the way Greg did everything to protect my data and took as much time as needed to explain to me what he was doing and why. He never spoke down to me and always treated me with respect. He is a true gentleman. I have utilized other computer repair companies in the San Fernando Valley but obviously was not completely satisfied with them as I sought out better service. Now that I have found Greg my search is over. If you want complete PC repairs at extremely reasonable rates from a real professional then simply go to 5 Star Computer Service



Anthony T.

Anthony T.

Burbank, CA

Seriously I could go on and on about Greg and his business but there isn't enough
space. Suffice it to say if you have a PC problem save yourself the time and hassle and go here!


John A.

John A.

Studio City, CA

I wish I could give 6 stars.  He fixed my sons gaming computer and made it better than new.  He is like an old time craftsman in the new technology world. He really cares that you get what you need.  He even helped me decide on my new computer. THE BEST!

Mary M.

Mary M.

Woodland Hills, CA


I was satisfied with all the information he gave me regarding antivirus, internet security, and the like. He was very patient to listen to my concerns regarding computer issues. I will go back to him in a heartbeat without reservations.

Brian N.

Brian N.

Los Angeles, CA


Well. How do I start??  , First I feel so guilty that I didn't put my 100% positive  review for this company and for the best man and honest person long  time ago in Yelp or other webs . May be I was  lazy or busy person?   . Yes  "Greg "he is really the best  and professional  person I ever met in my whole life and in the business.

I don't know How  I can describe this gentleman .   I live for many years  in this country and I do have my own business for over 20 years and I do deal with many peoples every day !!!!  In this city it is very very  heard to find honest and trustable person . I believe Greg  is one of them that you can trust 100% with no doubt  . simply ""He is the hero ,he is  super nice and he is  honest  ....".Since 2007 that I met this person  , All the  problems with my office  computers have been  resolved with this company  and I am very very happy with  his customer service.. Believe me or not ,  many times he did the repairs and he gave me support for hours and hours  over the phone and he didn't  charge me  a dime.  I asked him to charge me and he denied , I sent my employee with blank check , just the signature on it  and didn't accepted and he sent the check back  . I absolutely and highly recommend this person to everyone .His  Family must be so proud of him for his honesty. God bless him.



Lisa K.

Lisa K.

Burbank, CA


 I was feeling down for days, not able to replace my CD/DVD drive due to a completely stubborn screw I did a great job destroying out of desperation when it stripped almost immediately. I tried everything under the sun to get it out. It was destroyed beyond recognition. I was feeling defeated & ready to give up...but then I came here.

Beautiful place, and workshop, and even though what I needed was minor, I could tell this guy knows his stuff. He had my computer fixed, and the two people's computer's after me done, in probably a half an hour. He replaced my example of what you do NOT do to a screw, with a new one and helped to replace the fronts so that it would fit better (something I had not considered). Again, something minor, but I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders and heard the angels sing.

I thanked him profusely and told him he was a life-saver. He reassured me it was just a computer. Five stars. Fast service. Great price. Don't hesitate to call and set up an appointment.



Nova B.

Nova B.

Santa Clarita, CA


I brought my dead computer to 5 Star Computer Service. Really, I expected my desktop to be pronounced dead and just wanted a second opinion. I was able to get a free diagnostic that determined that my power part...a jack I think it's called.. needed to be replaced. So, the part was replaced and my baby came back to life. What I really liked was that I called after my service was over and paid for to ask a couple of unrelated questions of how to back up my computer and they were patient and willing to help without additional charge. Very



Clark W.

Clark W.

Los Angeles, CA


I can echo all of the positive reviews of Greg's computer repair services. Greg was able to diagnose the problems with my laptop and provided an accurate estimate for the repair. In addition, he really cleaned the machine up and offered suggestions for protecting it. He treated the computer as if it was his own! Thanks, Greg, for saving the day!


Yvonne M.

Yvonne M.

Burbank, CA

8/17/2014 What a man! So friendly, honest, knowledgeable and a pure gentleman!
I recently got a new computer - my Sony is running XP and it was time - but the hassle of transferring everything over was overwhelming and I decided to call in the professionals!
I looked on here and found this company - I checked out his website - and was rather dubious about going to a home and leaving my new computer/old computer with my life on it in the hands of a stranger! But the positive reviews made me want to at least call him....
A few days later, I dropped off my old computers to have him transfer the data to the new one - also, as he suggested, I brought along a hard drive and let him back everything up too!
I had my computers back in 48 hours - all done - he explained everything that he did - including formatting my new external hard drive, which I never knew had to be done, and took the real hard drive from my old computer so no one can steal my info!
His house is impeccable - plenty of street parking - prices reasonable and the man, an absolute delight!
It turns out that he owned a computer fixing company, still licensed in the state of California, and when he was made an offer that he couldn't refuse by one of the big boys, he decided to keep his clients and work from home....
If you have a PC that needs a bit of love and attention - look no further!!! If you have a Mac, you are out of luck....
Greg will be my first stop if/when my computer starts acting up!!!



Ellen O.

Los Angeles, CA

6/3/2014 Updated review

We already had an amazing impression of Greg just from his telephone assessment of our Toshiba trauma a few weeks back.
My husband Michael M. went to deliver the Toshiba to Greg on Thursday May 29 in the evening.
Greg delivered a polished up, security firewalled, spiffy running Toshiba to us today on 6/3.
The computer is like new.  Security has been installed.
All we had to do was link up to the wireless network and to our wireless printer.
Of all the 600+ reviews I have written, the 5 red stars you see up above should be 10 red stars.  Fervently, with respect, Greg, we bow to you.5/12/2014 Previous review

My husband's Toshiba has many issues and so we went looking for an expert to get us started on the… Read more



Anibal A.

Anibal A.

Los Angeles, CA



5 Star is an amazing professional, he built me a beast machine for the best price I could ask for. A real nice guy that has knowledge and love for his business. He was very honest and helpful . This was my first pc with 5 Star but not my last.



Dawn L.

Dawn L.

Los Angeles, CA


EXCELLENT! Working with Greg was the best experience I've ever had with a computer repair professional. He responded to my email within 24 hours and even offered me a same day appointment. His workshop is clean and well organized. He answered questions freely at no charge. Even better yet, he fixed my keyboard in less than 10 minutes. 5 Star Computer Service is top notch and I couldn't be more pleased. The next time I need help with my system, Greg is the only call I'm going to make. Highly recommended!



Beatrice T.

Beatrice T.

Los Angeles, CA


Yea, he's as cool as everyone here says.  I was a little ify of going to someone's house but after being greeted by his son and chatting with wife, it's clearly a nice family run business.  He was persistent in finding all of my software issues and entertained me while I stood over his shoulder for hours asking every question I could think of.  At the end, problems solved at a fraction of what I expected to pay.  I wanted to hug him but he didn't seem like the hugging type.


Jake D.

Jake D.

Burbank, Los Angeles, CA


Great guy!!

I lost my recovery disc for my computer, called him up, and I had one in my hands within the hour. For VERY cheap too! I highly recommend this guy for all your computer needs, I know I will be going to see him again to get more RAM put in my computer, and fairly soon, too.



Ev C.

Ev C.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I took my old computer to see if there was any life left in it since it wouldn't even turn on. In less than a half hour, I was on my way with my computer up and running. Cost was very reasonable as well. Highly recommend this repair place!



Tammy D.

Tammy D.

Los Angeles, CA



Great Great service. I really need the screen on my laptop fixed and u guys got it done so fast. Thank u so much


Aric L.

Aric L.

North Hollywood, CA


Writing this on my computer that was just fixed by greg, read on if you want but take it from me JUST GO HERE, I have never dealt with someone so upfront and honest in like all of my life. He will check it out for free and give you a quote in case you wanted to take it elsewhere(you wont his prices are so low and his work is so good your never going to find better) he will explain your options and let you decide how you want to procede. I honestly cant say enough good things about him...there a reason his rating are so good.


Jona X.

Jona X.



I've been scammed in the past by crooked computer repairmen (ex. COMPUTRONICS) and have since then about who I trust to look at my devices.

Greg was a breath of fresh air.  He's extremely knowledgeable about computers as he's had over a decade of experience fixing them.  He spent time diagnosing the cause of my hardware problems and suggested an EXTREMELY cheap fix (cost me $23).  

He's now my go-to guy for computer repair, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Greg.  He deserves the 5-star rating he has on Yelp.


Natalie P.

Natalie P.

Burbank, CA


This review is over due, but well deserved. I could not recommend Greg more highly!
Last year I went to him with a corrupt flash drive, I had A LOT of very important graduate school files on the flash drive, some were backed up and some were not. In my panic Greg was very patient and explained in detail what happened and how he was going to retrieve my work. It only took a few days for him to fully retrieve all my work, I was very lucky and appreciated the fast turn around because I was on a deadline!
After the start of the year I had experienced issues with my desktop computer because Greg was so successful with my flash drive months before, I didn't think twice to go back and have him service my desktop computer. The issues were minor and he was able to fix them within a week, he also installed software to help me with upkeep and showed me how to use them before I went home. My computer has been running much faster since and I'm much better about weekly upkeep and running the clean up software to avoid future issues.
If you're a PC user like me, I would strongly recommend Greg because he's very honest with the issues and how to fix them. He's an extremely nice guy and will answer any questions and explain what, how, and why. The cost to fix both issues I went to him with were very reasonable, it would have cost twice as much if I went to Best Buy or other 'geek squad' type places and they wouldn't have given me the quality service that Greg did.
As nerve racking as computer issues may be, I feel a little better the next time I have one (knock on wood) knowing I found an excellent person to go to. Seriously, Greg is the best!


Michael K.

Michael K.

Rosemead, CA


Greg is a great guy, very honest and tells you like it is.

We had a laptop that had some water damage, he took a look at it, checked it and it ended up being just the keyboard.  Said we could buy one and have it installed or we could do it ourselves.  No scam, no nothing.  

If only more people were like Greg in the world, I would highly recommend him.


Devied W.

Devied W.

Los Angeles, CA


Don't bother going anywhere else, these guys make it soooo easy to get anything fixed. I've gone to them twice, both times they were so helpful and so quick on getting my computer back to me. There is no attitude at all with these guys, unbelievably professional and really appreciative of the business. Reasonably priced and quick as hell!


Orsolya D.

Orsolya D.

North Hollywood, CA


Heavy breathing, fear, anger, fist pounding, panic, dark storm clouds... no, I'm not describing a zombie-attack on modern day Los Angeles but instead my reaction when my much-depended on computer crashed in the middle of an innocent internet foray. After freezing and no response when I tried to turn it on; an anxiety attack ensued and I reached for my Yelp phone app in .01 seconds to research a nearby computer shop. That is how 5 Star Computer Service came into my life.

I am sure happy it did. After reading all 5-star reviews (a few 4'ers) I decided to call 5 Star Computer. I understood that this was a computer-repair shop out of someone's home but the ratings spoke volumes. I spoke to Greg, the owner and proprietor; who was kind, professional, and patient. I explained my situation and he was quick to respond that I could bring it in immediately and assured me to think positive thoughts. Greg's experience shines through as he has been working on computers for 19 years, has engineering training, and owned a computer shop for 8 years before relocating to his home-front. Greg suggested I photograph my wires before I leave in order to know how to re-set my computer at a later time. Off I went lugging my desk-top computer tower (I know, I know... I am "old-school").

I arrived to a beautiful, marvelously landscaped home. Greg came outside to help carry the computer and led me to his Zen-garden-hot tub backyard where he has a compressor to clean all the dust (and in my case: cat hair) out of computers. This isn't some scraggly air can you buy at Best Buy; I'm talking a full-on work-shop style compressor. To say the least, my computer hasn't been this clean since I got it.

He then led me into his shop which is meticulously OCD. Everything is organized, labeled, and clean. If nothing else, this first impression helped calm me a bit. Greg offered me a chair and allowed me to sit and tag along for the process. Granted, we didn't know what was wrong yet and it could take days but he wanted me to relax. Greg took apart my computer and began to try to isolate the problem. Luckily in my case, he found it quickly and it wasn't too 'bad' (my upgrade v-card has decided to end its life so I had to revert back to the on-board one or purchase a new one for about $60).

Greg proceeded to repair the part and allow the computer to do its diagnostics repairs. In the mean time, he also checked and cleaned a couple other issues I complained of and searched for refurbished parts in his shop to offer me. Plus, he thoroughly answered all my questions regarding my computer, computer and external hard drive brands, plus whatever else I threw at him.

Overall, the experience took about 2 hours but Greg truly helped calm my nerves and I didn't feel swindled or taken advantage of. His pro demeanor and genuine good-nature shines through. He also affirmed that I can maintain contact with him in case I had any issues afterwords.

What did my repair cost my wallet? Drum roll please: $40! That's it! To be honest, I hugged the man (I'm unemployed: even a $1 means a lot to me!). I was beyond thrilled. For the record: 5 Star Computer accepts cash, credit, or debit.

How has my computer faired? Well, I'm typing this review on it for one. I did have some initial problems turning it on but it has been fine since (I will continue to keep an eye on it). It has been super quiet to the point of not even being able to tell it is on (my fan used to ALWAYS be going on full-speed). So far, all is well.

Please note that Greg has another day-job so his hours are in the evening time of 4-8pm.

Greg is not only a terrific "computer guy" but also a great person. I have found my go-to for computer repairs and would recommend him to anyone who owns computer. Which is everyone! So, my panic attack has subsided (and hopefully won't return) and my computer is happy. Crisis over.



Sue S.

Sue S.

North Hollywood, CA



I just got back from having Greg put in extra RAM for my PC.  Wow.  30 minutes and he was finished.  Very affordable.  Explained very thoroughly what he was doing and why.   Offered advise on what upgrade I could do if I wanted in the future.  His business is in his residence - very nice neighborhood.  Will  definitely be back.


Photo of Marella D.

Marella D.



He is a God send!!!

You could not find a more honest, knowledgeable and fair repair person - or person for that matter. I had a computer that was only 6 months old and freaking out on me. Of course, it started 5 days after the factory warranty expired......

I called and stopped in so many places. I know more than the average bear about computers and, so, if things are at the place where I need to take it to someone, then,  I am out of my knowledge area and they can tell me/sell me anything.

Everyplace I went immediately started talking about putting in a new mother board for a few hundred dollars without even turning it on. Like cars, you have to find someone trustworthy to take a computer to, because, it is really easy to scam a person.

Then I found Greg......He worked hard to find the problem, updated me frequently and was extremely knowledgeable. He finally opened the back up and found that the battery had become loose. It shorted out the speakers, but, amazingly, nothing else!

He fixed it, checked everything to make sure things were running correctly, took pictures of the loose battery and his repair process (he showed them to me when I picked it up) and he EVEN researched USB speaker drives that I could use with portable speakers for sound and recommended me a place and brand for me to get it. I didn't even ask.

Then came the price!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost sobbed it was so generous. I had been in an accident and was recovering from multiple broken bones, so, money was tight, but, he was so generous with his price.

I would never go to anyone else and worry he may move......


Photo of Marion K.

Marion K.

North Hollywood, CA

2/1/2014 1

I found Greg on Yelp when my computer suddenly seemingly died on me last week. I was terrified I'd lost everything and e-mailed Greg on a Sunday (when he's closed) in a panic. However, he responded back almost immediately, calming me down. He saw my computer the next day and within an hour had replaced the power supply which had died. Very reasonably priced, competent and fast! What more could you want?


Photo of Robert L.

Sun Valley, CA


I would absolutely recommend Greg for computer repair. I've done business with him twice and am very satisfied with his work and knowledge of computers. Thanks!! RL


Photo of Vick K.

Studio City, CA


Greg is truly amazing! He promised to fix my laptop in one and a half days and he did exactly that. I must say he is an honest man who quite obviously knows what he is doing. Thanks a million Greg for you are a master of your craft.

Photo of Matthew M.




Greg is awesome. He's knowledgeable, quotes you up front, and over delivers. I was sold before I walked in the place. Thanks for fixing me up Greg. I have not idea what a Malware or Virus is... but apparently I had 600 of them! LOL

Photo of Anika S.

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

10/23/2013 1

Greg is awesome! Breaks everything down for you... Super sweet guy. My 10year old Sony Vaio is my baby and I thought there was no more hope for it, Greg was able to bring it back to life.... Got it done waaaaay quicker than I expected. Thanks 5 Star!!

Photo of M K.

M K.

Los Angeles, CA


My boyfriend asked me to write this review awhile back, but I completely blanked and forgot about it until now. Greg fixed my boyfriend's computer several months ago after he dropped it and damaged the charging outlet. Greg was very honest and upfront and charged a reasonable fee for his service. We also figured out that he had fixed a sound problem my boyfriend had without charging us more after we took the laptop home and it miraculously started playing music again. We would, without hesitation, return to Greg again if any problems arise in the future. Thanks Greg! :)


Photo of Sharon F.



Sharon F.

Valley Glen, CA


I have my computer back thanks to this guy. I took it to best buy b/c I bought their warranty when I bought the computer, they guessed a few times over the course of about 6 months then the warranty ran out. So they told me I'd have to pay or get a new computer. I let it sit around for a year. Then, I found Greg online and after reading all of his positive reviews I called to set up an appointment. He took me right away. He is such a knowledgeable and trustworthy person. Definitely take your computer here.
It took him 5-10 minutes to figure out what best buy's geek squad couldn't figure out in 6 months! Thank you Greg. It's such a relief to have my computer back.


Photo of Meghan P.


Meghan P.

Los Angeles, CA


Greg has saved my computers--and my business--at least four times over the last few years. He is always fair, always fast, always honest and accurate and affordable. A few times, he hasn't even charged me; he just fixed the machine in front of me and told me not to shake it around so much. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Photo of Peter R.


Encino, CA

Updated - 9/3/2013

Once again I'm 5 star satisfied after having to use their services for data recovery for a second crashed computer. 5 Star is very reasonable priced, very responsive on the phone and they get the repair/recovery done fast.

1 Previous Review:


Excellent service, reasonable price, nice people!


Photo of tiffany t.

tiffany t.

Los Angeles, CA

8/31/2013 Incredibly fair and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.


Photo of Luis S.

Luis S.

North Hollywood, CA


My laptop had two problems: first, it overheated very quickly after turning it on. I couldn't play online videos without them crashing or just failing to load, and it was a hassle. Second, the screen was badly damaged, and I needed to get it replaced. I took it to Greg, who told me the screen for my particular kind of laptop was rather pricey, and he suggested I instead consider buying a new replacement for only slightly more than the new screen would have cost me. I chose to get the screen replaced anyway, so he made an effort to find the cheapest price possible. He even said he would feel bad if I ended up spending so much money on a new computer screen. I could see that the bottom line wasn't all about the money for him, it was also about customer satisfaction. I left my laptop with him on Thursday, and the following Monday he called me and told me it was ready for pick-up. Surprisingly quick!

I went to pick up my laptop, and he told me he found me a really nice new screen that was slightly less expensive than the one he originally gave me a price for. Now my computer works great! Everything looks beautiful on my laptop now, and the screen is pretty perfect. In addition, I'm pretty sure he fixed my overheating problem without charging me! He had mentioned that it was an "easy fix," but I assumed he was going to charge me more, and since I was on a budget, I decided not to address that problem. But my laptop works like a charm now. Feels brand new!

This was my second time going to Greg, and I'll definitely be going back for my computer repair needs. He is honest, fair, and pretty much the bomb.


Photo of Sam L.

Sam L.

Los Angeles, CA


Thanks to 5 Star Computer Service, my PC was completely fixed and Greg was great help. Very friendly and knew what he was doing when he "dissected" my laptop


Photo of Michael K.



Michael K.

Los Angeles, CA


My lap top is start to rumbling and dead..... this guys fix that with just couple hours for 20 $!!!!!!
very good

Photo of Review J.

Burbank, CA


Greg is amazing and the name of the business is very appropriate. I went to him because of an issue with my laptop. He found out what the problem was (it was something to do with my charger) and he offered his services at no cost. I would certainly recommend greg as your computer repair guy.

Photo of Andy S.

Studio City, CA


I found Greg to be incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I was afraid my laptop was a goner, and he was able to restore it to factory settings while saving all of my data, and at a very reasonable price. I would recommend him highly to anyone. A+


Photo of Jill B.

Studio City, CA


Thank you Yelpers for coming through again... Went looking for a computer repair service and found Greg. He was thorough and friendly and did a great job on a PC that seemed on the brink of crashing. He is also really great at explaining computer-geek-techno-talk in human terms so that the rest of us can understand what to do! I would highly recommend 5-star!


Photo of Wilson K.



Wilson K.

Los Angeles, CA


My opinion is as meaningless as yours.

Truly, as good as it gets. Use Greg! He's great! He had my computer running better than ever in the amount of time promised. No hidden fees, no extras. I went in expecting to replace parts, but Greg is honest, and let me know I didn't need to. Do it!

Photo of Roger P.



Roger P.

Los Angeles, CA


The reviews are accurate -- 5 stars without a doubt.
I was skeptical of using this service, as they do not have a store front. But, there is no reason to be skeptical. Greg gives superior service, far better than any big shop. Greg is candid, kind, and fair -- and his prices are great. Don't waste time with reading more reviews. If you have been lucky enough to find this service, use it


Photo of Jason C.

Jason C.


Awesome guys who diagnosed my computer and saw it was an easy fix and didnt charge me. Very friendly and knowledgable


Photo of Lauren C.

Lauren C.

North Hollywood, CA


I highly recommend 5 Star Computer Service! Greg is knowledgeable, quick, fair and a very nice guy on top of all that. Have a problem - call Greg


Photo of Allan B.

Allan B.

Van Nuys, CA


Another small problem with a portable external drive. Greg as usual realized how to fix quickly. His service is outstanding. If you need repairs, this is the place to go.


Photo of Kelly D.



Kelly D.


I chose 5 Star based on the # of positive comments left for him. I've got to tell you Greg saved me a couple of grand fixing my PC. I was planning to go MAC and not look back but all I needed was a simple fan replacement.

I took my laptop to Greg and watched him take it apart. Watching him take layer after layer (tiny screw after tiny screw) off my PC was.....mind boggling. I didn't know there were so many layers. It was like a Soduko ® puzzle cubed. Very hard, meticulous and not something I could've done on my own.

But let's cut the crap and get to what you really want to know. My laptop would cut off after running for 2 minutes. After typing in my password, it moved slowly and then it would cut off. So I was planning to go get another one but thank goodness for Yelp & Greg's expertise.

He explained everything to me in non-computer savvy terms. I felt very comfortable paying the price. I got my laptop back in 2 days. No BS, and the delay was only because he was waiting for the part. After he got the part he immediately called me. Now remember I was going to get a $2000 MacPro but he rescued my "PC in Distress". This was about 2 months ago that he fixed it. I didn't want to jump the gun & leave a comment before knowing that my laptop was working properly. So my baby has been working great ever since. The bottom of my laptop no longer feels like it's on fire. It no longer cuts off after being turned on.

So for those that have a PC that's a few years old and cuts off... it might just be the fan. But take it to Greg and LET HIM TAKE IT APART FOR YOU. DONT try to take it apart yourself. It's like 5 darn layers of "stuff" under that keyboard. Each layer has tiny screws and this and that and....I got a headache watching him and trying to keep track of every little piece. I don't know how he did it but "HE'S THE MAN"

So there you have it. $ave money, take it to Greg. Leave more feedback for him.

Thank you Greg.



Photo of Staci W.

Staci W.

North Hollywood, CA


Honest assessment, great service, quick turnaround. Highly recommended.


Photo of Jenny A.



Sherman Oaks, CA


I had a horrible experience with my computer 2 weeks ago. It had a black and blue screen and crashed. I immediately panicked and did some research. I found Greg and contacted him right away. They had told me to drop it off that day and he spent time fixing it. He had to replace a serious part and somehow he manged to get back all my files, info, pictures, mp3 files, etc. I was so grateful for his work and his family is extremely helpful too. His prices were more than fair. He is professional and knowledgeable. I felt like my computer was in good hands when I dropped it off and I was right. Thank you Greg. Everything has been running smooth now :) I appreciate your help.




I was at a loss for knowledge on why my computer wont work. Really I am stricken with a blank inability to figure it out. So I followed my fellow YELPERS and found a SAINT. I called him up, come on down I will take a look at it.. I only waited a short time whilst a young girl was getting some help. He ran a very short diagnostic on the computer. Did you check if the plug had come out? are you sure it was plugged into the monitor. I think so, cant imagine why not. Well he cleaned it. Gave it back to me would not take any dinero. I suggested may be its a Blond thing. God he was right. I plugged it in and inserted the connectors at the back and now I am dying my hair Thank you Gary.


Photo of Max G.

Max G.



The hinge on my laptop broke and needed to be fixed quickly. I met with Greg on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday afternoon the computer was fixed. He charged a fair price and did good work. On top of that, he's a nice guy. What more could you ask for?

I highly recommend 5 Star.


Photo of Noel D.

Noel D.

Los Angeles, CA


Greg is very nice and thorough. He is generous with his prices and very professional. He's very knowledgable. He made my broken computer as good as new after replacing parts for me. I'd reccomend Greg-5 Star Computer. I was skeptical, but went out on a whim b/c of these great reviews...Well, here's another great review!


Photo of Arash D.

Arash D.

Tarzana, CA


5 Star Computer Service lives up to its name 100%.

Greg is extremely knowledgeable and professional about PCs, laptops, data recovery/transfer, etc.

After my motherboard crashed, I slightly freaked out. I called Greg and he gave me a quick appointment the following day. To my amazement, he is open on Saturdays which makes it super convenient for busy working professionals such as myself.

His prices are reasonable and he is honest with diagnosis, length of treatment, recovery options, and provides advice on preventive care and maintenance. And yes, I'm referring to the health of your computer not about inpatient care at Tarzana Hospital


Los Angeles, CA



Greg is fantastic. A few months ago, I thought my life was over. I thought I had killed my girlfriend's laptop by banging on it in frustration. She had so many years of information on her laptop and NEVER backed stuff up. I was in a serious panic. I called several Data Recovery places and was sick to my stomach at how much it cost to perform a procedure that wasn't even guaranteed to solve my problem. (Well, I guess nobody ends up charging you if they don't recover your data; but the places that I called quoted me close to $1,000 if they did recover.) And all of the places were so discouraging when I told them the hard drive damage was physical (as opposed to some sort of glitch or bug or whatever).

Then I found Greg :) He was just so cool and helpful! He didn't guarantee he could save my data, either, but his approach was so unintimidating. And he didn't rudely try to rush me off the phone like some of the other guys (when I gasped at the cost). He was willing to work with me on the price. He was clearly the best choice. In the end, he was able to recover everything that I cared about (which was years of documents of my girlfriend's master's degree program papers, homework, etc..) as well as everything that had been saved on the desktop.

I could go on alot more about how cool Greg is but that will probably get annoying.
I'm only sorry it took me so long to write my review but I'm a slave to The Man so I don't get much spare time ;)

Thanks, again, Greg!


Los Angeles, CA


I laptop screen was loose and was looking to save it before things got worse. I called around to get estimates and Greg told me $20 if it was only loose. I wasn't too keen on going to a residence but with so many great reviews here I was willing to head down there with my boyfriend just in case. They were very professional and friendly, best customer service you could ever ask for. He was very careful when taking it apart (I couldn't help but cringe though) and told me it was broken. It was $50, which was more than I could afford but with his experience I felt like I was more paying for ease at mind. I went around 4 pm and he told me it could take a day or two because he had to make a trip to the hardware store yet early the next day I got a call it was fixed. He even cleaned my terribly dirty screen! I couldn't of asked for better service. I hope I'll never need to come back but if something does break, I know I'll be going to him.


Los Angeles, CA

Updated - 7/21/2012

It was only a matter of time when my partner's laptop was going to crash. And it did! I came back to Greg on Tues. I got it back on Sat. And once again, an excellent job. Can't write too much about this one. Second visit.... excellent service once again.

Thank you, Greg!

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Studio City, Los Angeles, CA


Competent, friendly, and didn't even charge me for his services. I would go to him for any problem with a PC.


Los Angeles, CA



Go here! Seriously, he went on ebay to find the specific parts I ended up needing because he didn't want me to pay the high prices to get them straight from Dell. He cleaned out my dirty laptop's insides, replaced a missing screw, and then sent me on my way without charging me. Now, he didn't have to do any real work on my pc (ordering the parts would solve my problem), but he spent close to an hour looking for inexpensive replacement parts online for me and let me buy them from his pc right on the spot. I would have wanted some cash for my time!

I also went to him a few years ago when my still under-warranty hard drive crashed and Dell wouldn't recover my lost data. He got everything back for WAY cheaper than Dell wanted to charge me. Such peace of mind. I'm a computer moron and would be the easiest person to con into paying for something I didn't actually need. But I trust Greg completely and know he's going to be totally honest with me.

Bottom line: Don't buy a Dell. Go to Greg if you do!


North Hollywood, CA


Well, I was a little worried about going to a residence to get my computer fixed but Greg had such wonderful reviews and he was close to me so I grabbed my boyfriend and decided to head over. His lovely wife greeted us at the door and directed us around back to Greg's shop. I explained the problem with my HP Laptop. Both Greg and I knew there was a problem with the DC Jack but we weren't sure why my computer kept draining batteries so quickly and wouldn't always turn on. He offered to run a test to check the hardware at no cost. It was a Saturday so he said he'd get back to me asap. I wasn't in a hurry. He called me on Monday to let me know that the charging circuit was broken and it was a problem with the motherboard. It was quite possible that my laptop was a lemon to begin with since this had been happening from the beginning and I'd gone through three batteries. Greg said he could fix it but honestly it would cost as much if not more than buying a brand new laptop. So I picked it up and thanked him for taking so much time and being honest and not charging me. I offered to tip him for his time but he wouldn't take it. I hope to never have more computer problems again but if I do, I know exactly where I'll be taking it to get fixed. Once I buy a new one of course.

Note - Greg does not fix Mac computers. I believe he prefers cash and possibly only takes cash for certain jobs. Check out his website first before calling.

Hope this helps those in need of computer repairs because I hate dealing with electronics.

P.S. the only reason I did not give 5 Star Computer Service 5 stars is because I did not actually get my computer fixed. The level of service, convenience and care is def 5 stars but as for quality of work, well I still have no clue.



I'll make this short and sweet. I used to get the extended warranties when I purchase a new laptop. That was a waste! They would have your gear for long periods of time and give you a loaner that you would have to download your software to continue your work. So I learned how to "back-up"!

Anyways, the laptop I purchased two years ago started to act funky. Looked up Yelp and found 5 Star. Greg kept in touch with me everyday of his progress and roadblocks that he encountered through his diagnosis (the hard drive was corrupt). After the second day of work, he called to let me know that he was finished. When I picked up my gear, he showed me a few tips on how I can prevent from this to happen. He answered all my questions with clarity. He didn't use large computer words. I spent $250 on the repair. That is about the price of an extended warranty. But, I got great customer service in a very timely manner! I felt like a person than another "whiny" customer if I went to the "B"ig "B"ox store. And I made a pledge to myself that the "mom & pop" shops get my business first!

I'll end with this..... Highly Recommended!!!!!!



I broke the clips on my RAM slots trying to upgrade my laptop memory. Greg made a repair so I didn't have to get a new motherboard.

He gets 5 stars all around:
- speedy response to my inquiry,
- easy to understand, accurate answers to my questions,
- very fair labor costs
- easy to find with great parking,

I highly recommend him. Thanks, Greg!



I got some excellent service from Greg today. It was fast, friendly, professional and because it ended up being a very minor repair, it was on the house. Wow, that was nice. I even offered to pay him and he said, "no". So, I was very happy about that and found out about him through a friend.

Van Nuys, CA



Outstanding mad skills, with a wonderful personality . He is the Bomb !

Photo of Samantha G.

Samantha G.

Culver City, CA


I am so happy I found Greg. I do most of my own computer repairs. However, recently I when I tried to replace my DC Jack, I found my polarity still was not working. I couldn't figure it out. I thought maybe because I tried a mod my solder job was bad? So, I cleaned up my "bad solder" and put my computer back together. Decided I may need a pro on this one.

I called around to shop after shop, on the westside. A number of shops refused to touch my lap top since, I opened it up myself. Which I have done many times before. I replaced my own hard drive, my previous DC jack, and disk drive. However, many stated they would charge me double for trying to fix my mess. Even after I said, there isn't much mess. I just can't figure out why I am not getting polarity? I finally found a shop, who recommended Greg. Said, he was an expert on DC Jacks and soldering issues.

Called Greg. Told me I could bring the computer down, without much delay at all. I was going to the valley anyways later in the week and I planned on dropping my computer off with him. I go there and we talked about what was going on. First thing, he does is check what I didn't think to check, the battery! I didn't even think about it! I had already cut the DC Jack planning to mod it. Since, this was my third one I had replaced. He talked me out of it. Explained the factory DC Jack is actually better then my mod idea. Which I thought was clever. He said, my lap top already came with one of the best DC jacks out there. Since, I was busy and already there, I just had Greg replace the DC Jack. He also, looked into my battery. I was planning on buying a new one, after we discovered there was no polarity in it.

A couple hours later, I receive a call from Greg. He explains he fixed my DC jack and my battery. They battery was a complete surprise. I was curious what he did. Because I've had batteries in the past go bad on me. I didn't know they could really be fixed. He explained there was just a slip in the cord and he soldered it back. That was the real polarity issue.

I was shocked. He surprised me twice! I went to pick up my lap top and he also, cleaned it up. My lap top was filthy from traveling around the globe with me. My computer has spent a lot of time in the dusty deserts of the USA & Mexico, and the wilderness of Canada. He kindly removed the sap, dirt, and grim from the wilderness as apart of the service. Something, I didn't expect.

He is a pro and one of the very best. Not only is he good at what he does, but he was a very understanding and pleasant person. His wife is also, just as polite and charming as he is. Both wonderful people. I will be sending everyone Greg's way. Too things hard to find A) a good car repair person and b) an excellent computer repair person. When you find either, you keep them!

Greg really proved there are professional computer repair people out there. After contacting a number from yelp. I found he was a rare breed. Many never answered their phones or even returned my messages. A few that were very nice didn't do the kind of service I needed. The remaining were rather rude and came off as very unprofessional. Talked down to me because I did the majority of my own repair work. One even sneered the word hobbyist on the phone and told me, he wasn't my teacher and wasn't going to have a student over his shoulder. When I asked a number of questions about the repair over the phone. Greg, seemed to encourage my learning about computer repair and gladly explained what I did wrong. Which is the professional way to be. Greg didn't seem to mind answering my questions. I am the kind of person who liked to learn where I went wrong.

I thank Greg for everything he did to help get things back to normal. He also, taught me a few things, I will know for next time too.


Boj o.


My pc was fixed in not time.

Thanks to Greg for his expertise of diagnosing and notifying me with the problem asap with great price (parts and labor) to boot. I have dealt with few computer repair shops and getting calls from them on how much the cost would be after the initial diagnosis usually give me the chills; hoping for a low estimate. With Greg, his accommodation and customer service was second to none. As he announced the estimate, I was in surprised that the estimate was lower than I expected compared to other repair shops. So two thumbs up for this guys and business. Highly recommended!!!




This guy is the best, had to go to him 3 times in the last 4 yrs and he always does the repair at a fair price and always on time. Been to other places where the ripped you off. At least here you will not be ripped off. Honest cat...


Photo of Olga B.

Los Angeles, CA


A good and reliable place for a computer needs


Las Vegas, NV


+1 for this great guy

I broke the connector on my hard drive, which held precious data. Greg SOLDERED a new connector onto the drive for a very reasonable price, and I was able to save all my data.

My new tower just got destroyed by TSA so I'll be seeing Greg ASAP to see what can be salvaged. A rare gem.


Denton, TX


I am so happy I went with 5 star computer repair! I dropped my laptop off on Thursday afternoon and picked it up on Saturday morning. It's running better than ever- virus free! I really couldnt be happier. :)


Los Angeles, CA


I can't recommend Greg enough. He's not just a great, knowledgeable, honest computer guy. But he's also generous with his time and expertise. After fixing my computer, he went beyond the call and helped me find and load important programs to keep my computer running smoothly. He does exactly what he says he'll do and always gives more, much more. I second all the things other customers have written about him.


Los Angeles, CA


Found 5 Star on yelp, called up, got appointment same day. Expected to drop off and wait for a phone call, instead had amazingly quick service right then and there. For $50 my laptop was up and running perfectly for the first time in months! Greg is straight forward, honest and a very good guy. Recommend highly!!!


North Hollywood, CA


I done effed up.

My computer was busted due to a botched ram upgrade, so I brought the old girl into Greg for a diagnosis (which he didn't charge for, even after gutting and replacing a bunch of components).

I had to buy a new motherboard, which sucked, but Greg installed it for only $65 bucks, about $50 cheaper than the next lowest cost. I have my computer guy for those rare occasions I make a mistake.


Simi Valley, CA


Greg is a modern day wizard. He saved my 4.5 year old laptop twice already. Once, the software crashed due to viruses (I was downloading too much junk), and the second time the main fan croaked and caused some of the hardware to overheat. With the latter issue, he replaced a broken sensor with one from a spare and defunct laptop he had left over. He didn't even charge me for that part. I was only billed for labor.

I don't know enough people with broken laptops. If only I knew more I could send them all to Greg. He is awesome.


Panorama City, CA


{{first meeting}} after reading nothing more but good reviews about Greg, i HAD to take my HP to him... i take online classes and i was in desperate need to get my lap top fixed asap, Grgy took no more than 15 minutes to point out the problem and told me he wouldn't fix my computer because he would have to charge me too much {motherboard} to repair it and there's no guarantee it will be brand new for long after the repair, he didn't charge me anything and suggested i buy a new lap top and even hopped on the computer to show me what to look for in a lap to {speed, memory, etc. ; im computer illiterate sadly}. i was shocked at how nice, patient, and honest he was, there arent many honest business people out there.
{{second meeting}}
3 weeks later i took my new lap top to him to have him transfer all my old files onto my new computer (for 50$: i thought was a decent price, most places i called wanted to charge me 90$ + ) Greg didn't just transfer EVERY little thing i need but he also educated me on proper filing so i can save more more more, lol and told me to call him if i had any trouble finding anything....
soo the point is PEOPLE, he is a very honest man who knows what he is doing.... he will forever be my computer saver from now on :)

Los Angeles, CA


This guy has saved both of my computers. The first time I got the blue screen of death with my desktop. Greg took 10 minutes to diagnose the problem and 48 hours to fix. He was amazing. The second time I spilled coke all over my labtop in Africa. I cleaned it off the best I could and tried to keep it dry. I thought it was toast!! I brought it over to Greg and he cleaned it and told me all I needed was a new keyboard. He only charged me $75 which was a steal. I will never go to anyone but him for computer repairs. He is fast, amazing and very personable. A true hidden gem!!

Charles F.

Burbank, CA


5 Star is an excellent place to go for your computer troubles.
Greg is very honest and knowledgeable and is extremely fair in his pricing (i.e. he will not overcharge you for a simple fix).


Photo of Ted K.

Ted K.

Los Angeles, CA


I had my laptop LCD replaced and Greg did a great job. He also did some trouble shooting and estimate for my desktop. Straight forward, will not up sell you and knows his stuff. Highly recommended.


Review from Dwayne R.

Dwayne R.

North Hollywood, CA



Totally pleased with the service, and cannot recommend Greg enough. You can trust him to find the right cost-effective solution, and do it quickly.


Review from Robert B.

Robert B.

Inglewood, CA


Great experience with 5 Start Computer service.
Fixed my I7 system that another service company shorted out
the power supply and wrecked the motherboard pins. Greg found the broken fan wire that had shorted the Power supply immediately.
Greg also built one of the fastest and latest water cooled I7 2600k systems out there for video transcoding.
It's so fast. 5 Star computer service is the best! Thanks!


Review from Martha B.

Martha B.

Sherman Oaks, CA


5 Star Computer Repair gets 5 stars from me! Not only did Greg remove a virus from my computer that my anti-virus software didn't get, when I told him that my wi-fi at home was also not working he spent a full 30 minutes on the phone with me helping me to reset it....and then he told me there was NO CHARGE for the wi-fi help! I told him that I wouldn't feel right not paying him for his time and dropped off a check for $50. There is no way I could get any other computer repair company to help me fix this problem for only $50. I also liked that he advertised a flat fee for virus removal. I know what the price would be and there were no surprises. I will definitely use him again and recommend him to everyone I know.


Review from dan k.

dan k.

Los Angeles, CA


There's nobody better than Greg. His professional demeanor is backed up by his integrity. This is the 2nd time I sought his service. I had experience with other computer repair services; he wins out in all categories. His rate is more than reasonable and he will go out of his way to help you. You will not be disappointed.

Was this review …?


Review from I H.

I H.

Los Angeles, CA


I waited a while to write the review for this company. It is a great service and Greg is knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. My HP laptop has been slow and sometimes frozen. I also had problems of printing documents in pdf version. However, I am cautious and choosy in who is going to do the repairs this time since I have bad experiences with other PC repair person previously.

I had my laptop serviced by a guy named Terry and claimed himself as an UCLA computer graduate. Instead of cleaning my laptop, he went ahead without my permission to install another Window in my PC. I did not know he installed a Chinese version till later time. Ever since my laptop had many issues. I had to have my friend erase what he had installed and then found the original to install again in my PC. The process took days. I was horrified by this experience, therefore I become vigilant in finding out a reliable and competent PC repair person.

My experience with Greg is great. He explained to me first and then he took time to thoroughly cleaned my laptop since I had virus infection.
He then helped me with the nagging print issue. My laptop now got a new life and I am able to print pdf with ease. I am very grateful to his service.

Though initially I think his price is a bit steep. But at the end, it is worthy.
5 stars service knows the PC and does a honest and good job. The previous scary PC Terry was cheaper but did lots of damages to my laptop as well as my emotion. It was more costly with the cheap and irresponsible one and there was mental agony. So do not let the cheap guys fool you, check it out. I have been there, I have paid tremendous price for my lesson. At the end, paying a bit more and have peace in my heart and a reliable laptop proved to be much better investment.

Was this review …?


Review from Jonah A.

Jonah A.

Studio City, CA


After a long and frustrating search, I found Greg of 5 Star Computer Service, he worked his magic and fixed my laptop. When my computer crashed, I took it to 3 other computer repair people (no names mentioned, but they're all chains) and proceeded to be jerked around by all 3. They either wanted astronomical amounts of money to even look at my computer, or they wanted me to leave it with them for what could have been 5 weeks. I couldn't go that long without my laptop. I needed answers and I needed them right then and there. Then, a friend, who shamed me for having gone to the other 3 businesses in the first place, said I had to go to 5 Star. That's where the oh-so-friendly and helpful Greg came in. Not only did he have answers to my dilemma straight away, but he wasn't going to charge me an arm and a leg and he was actually the first person I'd talked to that I really trusted with my laptop. He obviously has a lot of experience and is very skilled. Greg is a real stand up guy and I would be happy to continue to give him my business in the future. Oh, and one more thing; apparently everyone knows that Greg and 5 Star rock. Everyone except me that is. But that was then and this is now. I know he's the only person I should take my computer to.


Daniel D.

Los Angeles, CA


gonna give five star for Five Star computer Services!

Took my computer here who is very noisy and very irritating. Whenever I turn it on the CPU fan starts to scream and there is nothing on earth that can save you from wanting to smash it into pieces once it starts.

Glad that the technicians here in 5 stars did a quick job on my computer as I was really starting to get pissed of with it. After almost an hour, they replaced my fan and now my computer is quiet as a breeze. Love these guys from 5 star and I will definitely come back here if my computer starts to rumble again



kanil k.

Los Angeles, CA


They really get your computer fix, pretty good service.


Photo of Jacques S.

Jacques S.

North Hills, CA


I found myself with a corrupted hard drive on an old laptop that I didn't really want repaired. I only wanted to retrieve the files from the hard drive that had not been backed up. After talking to other repairmen, who told me how I might be out of luck, I set an appointment with Greg.
Greg was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and courteous. He was able to access the information I thought I'd lost. Although he initially told me it may take a couple of days to fix the computer, he began the work immediately because he knew it would be a long transfer. Hours later, the job was complete. He thoroughly explained the problem and the solution; he also provided me with very good advice about my next computer purchase. hopefully, i won't have many computer issues in the future, but if i do, i'll gladly return to 5 Star Computer Service.



Photo of maria r.

maria r.

Lake Balboa, CA


I don't normally write reviews, but I was blown away with Greg. Everything I read about his company and more importantly his character is true. It so refreshing to find geniune people in this world. Who do not take advantage of others. I work 60 hours a week and go to school full time... I'm in the middle of review week for finals and all of a sudden I find that my laptop will not charge... Being in school, I'm financially strapped, so I made a few phone calls yesterday...
It turns out that my computer is a year old and out of warranty... So the Geek Squad said it would cost 162.00 for them just to look at it. I called a friend who works for HP who told me to throw the computer away, it wasn't worth fixing. Another person told me it could be the mother board and to hurry up cause he had another call waiting...

Then, I found 5 Star Computer Service... His wife answered the phone.. so charming.. I explained my situation and she told me he would be at the shop at 6pm... "Just stop by"..
I was stuck at work and gave them a call to let them know I was running late, Greg said, Don't worry just get here before 8PM.

Greg and his wife are such geniune people, I feel blessed having encountered them and I'm a customer for life. He basically looked at my laptop and checked out my charger... It turns out it was the charger. He looked for a test charger from his inventory and sure enough it registered with the computer.

I was so relieved.. He could have taken me for a lot of money. He said, IT WAS NO CHARGE. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS. And, there's more, I explained that I didn't have any money til payday this Friday and was wondering if I could borrow the test charger 'til then. I needed to study for my finals. HE NOT ONLY DIDN"T CHARGE ME. HE LET ME BORROW THE CHARGER. I just can't say enough about them. You don't experience this everyday. I am so thankful. SO, IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER PROBLEM, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO GREG!


Review from Clark M.

Clark M.

Los Angeles, CA


Can't add enough superlatives.


Review from W.

M W.

Sherman Oaks, CA


5 Star Greg !!!!! My Man!!

Viruses-Trogan Horses, Spyware-Keyloggers took over my laptop. I couldn't even open my desktop without problems. Greg was able to reinstall my operating system and save my documents, videos, etc...
The bonus was that he installed the virus and spyware protection I needed to protect my computer. I can't say enough good things about Greg and his service, his wife even gave me "Cookies".

I don't give out 5 stars easily, but Greg deserves it.


Review from Amy A.

Amy A.

Glendale, CA


My sister recommended Greg at 5 Star Computer Service. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant because I have had so many problems in the past. She finally convinced me to take my computer to him. I had some really weird issues going on and talked to lots of different people about it and no one could figure out the problem. GREG DID!!!! Not only is he extremely good at what he does, but he is a really great guy. He also explains things in a way that you can understand. He doesn't seem to be in just for the money. He really cares about you and doing a great job. Greg is my new best friend and of course, my new computer guy, FOREVER!!!! Love him. :)

Laura A.
Los Angeles


Review from katphishy w.

katphishy w.

Alhambra, CA


Definitely recommend. All the positive reviews and comments are true. Greg is wonderful, friendly and professional. I'm a little wary of handing off my precious laptop to a stranger on yelp, but once I met Greg, I can tell he knows his stuff and is definitely trustworthy. Before finding 5 Star on yelp, I was considering going to Geek Sqad, but thank goodness for reviews. Geek Sqad is a death trap. 5 Star is a sure bet. =) I had virus/spyware issues, and now it's thoroughly cleaned up. Happy customer.


Review from David S.

David S.

North Hollywood, CA


I had an excellent experience with Five Star Computer Service. The work is done by the owner, Greg, and he obviously cares about his customers and understands that the success of his business comes from customer service. In my case, it turned out that the problem with my desktop was relatively minor, but he explained in advance what might be wrong, and that he wouldn't recommend service that wouldn't make sense economically (even though it might be to his advantage). I had another laptop computer I asked him about, that had already been diagnosed with a serious motherboard failure, and he warned me right off the bat that it wouldn't be worth it to try to fix it, which I appreciated. Didn't encourage me to waste time and money when it would make more sense to just buy a new one.

Quick turnaround, very reasonable rates, obviously knows his stuff and has the skills, and solved my problem quickly and efficiently. VERY HIGHLY recommended.


Review from Wayne R.

Wayne R.

Valley Glen, CA


5 star computer service is the best. They fixed my slow computer quickly. I would reccommend this place to any looking for great computer service.



Mark U.

Studio City, CA


Your computer can break down to virus attacks or any other reasons. But getting the right technician around Los Angeles to do the repair for you can be a hard task. Some of the technicians you will find will not be very good at diagnosing your machine save for the exorbitant service charges you will get. If you want the kind of person who will listen to your problem and dedicate his time to fix your machine, 5 Star Computer Service is the right place to go. A friendly Greg will diagnose your machine and do all the explanations. He will also give you some invaluable advice and tricks about computers as he fixes your machine. I am a regular customer and the service has never been less than exceptional. If you are that kind of person who treasures prompt response and kind treatment, 5 Star Computer Service is just the only place you will find that. Greg can set up an appointment for you on the phone and have your machine checked by him; and even return it to you while you wait. He is a great expert who gets it just right. No fumbling! He really is knowledgeable and unbelievably organized with his work. His prices are very reasonable and compared to the kind of service you get here, believe it, you get more for less! Highly recommended!



Review from Steven P.

Photo of Steven P.

Steven P.

Los Angeles, CA

Updated - 12/18/2010

Again, I went back to Greg and again he fixed my PC faster than I could imagine, and at a price 1/2 what I expected.

This place is amazing. I can't rave enough. Why can't everyone be like this??

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Photo of BOB L.


Sherman Oaks, CA



Greg is absolutely a find...I called other computer repair service shops etc. that were over priced and impersonal....Greg replaced my hard drive and also made some improvements on the computer that I didn't know were possible...I really don't think it preformed this well when it was new....HE'S AMAZING...DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE......



Noelle M.

Glendale, CA


5 Star Computer Service is aptly named! After shelling out $80 to HP to simply tell me if my desktop's hard drive was salvageable or not, I took it to Greg to see if he could save my files. He worked quickly and knowledgeably, taking the utmost care to retrieve them for me. My hard drive contained not only my doctoral dissertation, but all my wedding photos! I can not tell you how happy I was to have someone as skilled as Greg working to save them. In less than an hour, and for far less money than HP wanted to charge me, I headed home with all my files saved onto a new external hard drive. Thank God I found Greg on Yelp!


y j.

Los Angeles, CA



Greg is very honest and good.
I highly recommend his company.
Thanks for fixing my laptop !



Gary A.

Los Angeles, CA


I have used Greg for years for all my computer problems. He has worked on my two desktop computers and my laptop. I have found him to be an honest and competent computer guru. I highly recommend him.


J C.

Burson, CA


Companies like the geek squad at best buy are truly worthless on the basis that money is exchanged with no results guaranteed or assured. Yet the stupid consumer continues to capitulate in this fraud? Why is that? the person feels good if the hand over their money to someone? Did they drink too much Kool-Aid? When did common sense become a lost skill set? Yet day in and day out hundreds if not thousands of people go in to best buy only to be "Taken" for a ride at their expense. The treatment of customers as lemmings in time will effect any business regardless of its size.

The rest of the society who strives to learn where the professionals are along with when to call them in order to make sure the problem with be resolved is important. Paying attention to this information separates the smart consumers from the well....not so smart and that is being very polite.

A while ago I was in an area that I did not know a lot of people and needed to get the lap top problem corrected, as it was very important. Finding the listings was ok and then reading the reviews was good too but I need to make this happen as it is time for a professional. In this case a professional was needed and if I needed to I would go pick up the parts to expedite the repair. I made the appointment with 5 Star and from there came in to review the situation.

Failure was analyzed with in a few minutes which is unheard of from other companies, repair options were then discussed, and from there plan of action was made with a total time of 25 minutes.

This level of performance is something that is beyond rare, as it almost does not exist. Secondly there was no retail clerk at minimum wage giving a bit of an attitude to set me up on a direct mailer. The questions were answered with layman's terms that anyone could understand.

In summary not seeing 5 Star is a disservice to the electronic equipment that you own and you are only fooling yourself dealing with the retail world. There are professionals in every industry and when it comes to computers I have just saved you a hell of a lot of time.


Photo of Michelle B.

Michelle B.

Los Angeles, CA


Top notch customer service, quality of work, and convenience. Greg is a pro, and does business the right way and takes pride in his work.


Olivia R.

Los Angeles, CA


Another satisfied customer.

After weeks of making strange sounds, my laptop finally died on me. Enter Greg, who is both honest and highly capable. He took my computer apart in front of me and literally showed me the problem with my hard drive. He translated techno jargon into terms I could understand and advised me on how to prevent future damage to my system. After getting my laptop home, there was a new sound which turned out to be the fan. I took it back to Greg, who replaced the fan and ran an extensive system check to make sure everything was a-okay all without charging additional labor fees.

In an increasingly impersonal retail world, it is refreshing to receive quality customer service matched with real results.

I would recommend 5 Star Computer Services to anyone and will not hesitate to return should I experience any computer problems in the future.



hahnmade h.

Los Angeles, CA


if you are going to read one review from me, let THIS be it.

this place - greg - gets 5 STARS!

my laptop had multiple viruses including a trojan so i drove around town before i found this place. do not waste your time JUST COME, no, CALL FIRST for an appointment (best time to reach greg is between 6-8:30pm), then COME.

here is my drama on wed:
(first) i went to staples and they quoted $129 but do not guarantee 100%. [ what kind of jack ass would spend 129 bucks for a service that doesn't even gurantee?!]
(second) then i went to best buy, geek squad and they did guarantee 100% but it was $199.99. [whu-at?! are you kidding me?!!]
(third) even a friend recommended this guy who fixes on the side, he quotes $100 a flat fee, but not sure if he can fix it and if he can't, would refer me to another guy who can. [who has that kind of time??]
(conclusion) dang, so regretting that i didn't make friends with any nerdy IT guys in my life..

then friends suggested yelp, this place popped up first. after reading the 5 star reviews, i called expected to get a voice-mail, but greg himself answered. i seriously heard angels sing. hal-lelujahhhh.

greg's family was super duper friendly and greg himself spent extra time with me explaining what i ought to do to prevent it going forward.

he fixed everything (and downloaded/updated a bunch of free anti-viruses) for a flat fee of $105 within 2-3 days.

i wanted to ask his family - would you consider adopting a full grown korean girl? please??



Jeannette S.

Los Angeles, CA


I found Greg at 5 Star Computer Service on YELP and have to echo what everyone else says. Greg fixed my computer for about 1/4 of the price than they quoted me at other places. At other places they told me it might be "several weeks" before they could get my computer back to me too.

My computer was repaired and returned to me in under 48 hours AND he had to order a part. His shop is insanely organized and he's probably the only honest computer guy I've ever met. He's friendly and nice and his wife was cooking some desserts when I stopped by that smelled amazing. All-around 5 star PLUSPLUSPLUS experience.



Evie H.

Simi Valley, CA



Honest computer guy? Is there such a thing? There is at 5 Star Computer Service. And not only is Greg honest, he's professional, reasonable, fast, and really good at what he does. Oh, and he's a super nice guy which doesn't hurt.

And one more thing that I think speaks volumes, this review was not solicited. He doesn't need to ask people for reviews. His service speaks for itself. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.

I'm thrilled my fellow yelpers led me to Greg! Thanks, guys.


Elizabeth L.

Burbank, CA



Yelp comes through again!
Greg at 5 Star Computer Service is the most professional computer "Doctor " around.
Super fast diagnosis. Straight forward communication. Honest practice plus reasonable prices!
My crashed c-drive was replaced & back on my desk with in 48 hours.
Amazing job.
Greg rocks!


Photo of yI z.

yI z.

Los Angeles, CA

Updated - 3/31/2010

My PC is still kicking tail. The CPU and RAM upgrade tips Greg gave me really allowed me to have one seamless operation: from the BIOS flashing to the choice of thermal compound, there was no stress, no problems. Can't wait to play SCII.


Jamila I.

Los Angeles, CA


I brought my computer in to Greg a few weeks ago to have a fire wire port installed into my PC. He was fantastic! He opened it up, cleaned out the shameful 5 years worth of dust, installed the port and did some magic that increased my PC's memory. He was fast, friendly and efficient - getting the work work done well under 1/2 an hour. He also honored the price he quoted me in a prior e-mail, even thought I know he went above and beyond his calling on that one. I will definitely be going back to him for all my PC needs. What a Godsend!



Howard C.

Woodland Hills, CA


I found 5 Star on Yelp and have to agree with the other reviews. Greg is just great! Supremely competent, always willing to go the extra mile for you, completely reliable and generous with his time for very reasonable fees. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Paul H.

Burbank, CA


Greg is amazing! Incredibly helpful, polite, honest, and friendly. I can't recommend him enough!.

He spent a ton of time on my issue, was up front about the charges (which are INCREDIBLY fair), and then took plenty of time explaining to me everything that was happening with my ill feeling computer.

5 out of 5! (Wish I could give more.)


chris y.

Beverly Hills, CA


This really is 5 star service! Greg has his shop in the back of his house in the North Hollywood area. No bells and whistles. Just really good and fast service. I called at 9 am, Greg told me to come right over, and I was in and out in 30 minutes. It would probably taken even less time had we not been chatting away about the neighborhood and the real estate market. (my fault)..

I found Greg right here on Yelp and the reviews speak for themselves, and I agree wholeheartedly.Greg's a straight-forward, no-nonsense kind of guy who charged me $25 to reload my OS. Very reasonable. If I ever need PC help again, will definitely not look elsewhere. Greg's da man!

Sarah C.

Los Angeles, CA


Honest PC Repair

friendly/professional service, quick repair, knowledgeable, informative, great value. Tech Greg puts you at ease and your pc in good hands.

*after an unlucky week of fever/flu, first week at new job, college portfolio deadline, bull sh-t parking ticket, and barely scraping by to make rent this month.. all without the aid of internet due to virus invasion ..I felt pretty defeated. My laptop and spirits were revived by 5 Star Computer Service. It's good to know there are honest businesses run by real people.


John C.

Beverly Hills, CA


As a result of the favorable yelp reviews, I chose to call Greg at 5 Star Computer Service to diagnose my HP Pavilion Laptop. I left him a voice mail just prior to business hours and he returned my call within 30 minutes.

Greg was able to start work on my laptop upon my arrival. In about 15 minutes he was able to confirm that my computer was ready for the junk yard.

For a reasonable fee, he encased the hard drive from my broken computer, in order to save and store the data . After double checking to make sure the data would be retrievable, he taught me how to transfer the data from the hard drive to my next computer. Greg suggested that I call him, so he may help me through the process, when I'm ready.

Greg is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I would recommend you call him if you think you are in need of a repair


Brandon S.

Los Angeles, CA


Greg is an awesome tech! He knows laptops inside and out and has many tricks up his sleeve to diagnose problems for you. He didn't charge us for diagnosing our laptop. Very Honest, and a great person. We will be definitely coming back for our laptop lcd repair (R&R broken LCD). Greg knows his stuff and I build computers for a living.

I live in Hollywood, and I passed by many computer shops to get to his lab. He's worth the drive from anywhere. His prices are great and you will feel at ease with Greg.

Note: Call him for the address! Very nice place with very comfortable outdoor sitting area.


Singa Y.

Pasadena, CA


Well I went to Greg based on his stellar Yelp ratings. I'm just here to echo the sentiment of others and also give my own 5 star rating. I've had dodgy luck with computer tech support in the past, but Greg is the real deal - honest and gives you the straight story. He even threw in some extras. My computer is running better than ever! Thanks again, Greg!


Photo of yI z.

yI z.

Los Angeles, CA


I bought my PC from Cyber Power about three years ago. It has never worked efficiently from the very first day I received it. I've brought it to multiple repair shops when I was stationed in Germany and I've brought it in to Cyber Power twice to find out what was wrong with it in addition to my computer-saavy friend taking a look at it from school. No luck. No one could figure out why it would keep shutting down.

Luckily, I found 5 Star on Yelp and after reading the reviews on 5 Star Computer Service I decided that I should at least give Greg a call to see what he can do. I brought it to him on a late Wednesday afternoon and he had it ready to go by Friday. I was getting married on Friday so I couldn't pick it up of course. Greg responds to my email, congratulating me and telling me that he wont "disturb" me on Saturday presuming that my honeymoon was the day after Friday. Haha, it was a very considerate gesture and to me: that's good business, though I didn't have my honeymoon on Saturday since my wife has class in the morning .

I picked it up on Monday morning, Greg invited me into his shop where he had explained what was wrong with the system and a few temporary problems that I had with my Windows 7 product key. My P5NSLI mobo's North Bridge was wayyyy too hot, so Greg installed a hasty zip-tied mini fan to the bridge heat sink.. for free =) ! He also pointed out that one module of my 2x1GB PC6400 memory was no good. Additionally, upon hearing that I was planning on upgrading my CPU and RAM, he gave me some very useful tips regarding those simple procedures.

Greg is a straightforward and considerate gentleman whom I really owe the salvation of my three year old rig to. It's been fairly good so far with Windows 7, which Greg installed for me BTW, and I'm running MW2 on max settings- no problem whatsoever!

The price? Greg only charged my case for the diagnostic fee of $105. He only took a $100 from me as I didn't bring exaclty $105 and I guess he didn't want to go find change. What can one say about such outstanding service? Not much except, "Truly FIVE STAR!"


Trina S.

Sherman Oaks, CA



I'm so glad i found these reviews before I went anywhere else. As promised, Greg was thorough and had integrity. He gave me my options and didn't try to push me into anything. The fix ended up being just a new cable and he helped me get set up, charged a very reasonable price and got me a NEW VELCRO STRIP that would encompass all the cords. Hey, think about other vendors: would they go that extra mile? Very happy and I too am recommending him to others.



thanks to the reviews I read here i took a chance to consult with Greg last week -- I'm a fretful personality, so I was hugely relieved by the careful analysis he gave me to understand how to address the problem which helped to settle my worst fears -- no question seemed too idiotic for him to answer, & I very much appreciated his straightforward manner.
my laptop was fixed promptly & now is better than ever, & the price was fine. although I don't look forward to new problems with it, I'd return without hesitation.


Photo of Brian F.

Brian F.

Los Angeles, CA



Perfect business name for 5 Star Computer Service. I needed my screen on my laptop replaced. Greg said it would take a few days which I was ok with. He called me the next day to tell me he found a used screen in the back that was in great condition and he could replace it and have it to me that day. Fixed in less than 24 hours and saved me $100 using the used screen. I've used two other computer services places in the past but for now on 5 Star will get my business


Dan R.

Los Angeles, CA


I needed to get data and documents from an ancient scsi drive. Greg had it copied onto a dvd for me within 40 minutes. His manner and workshop were clean and efficient.


Jeremy R.

Los Angeles, CA


This shop is truly 5 star. Greg, the owner, is a computer genius. He can fix any P.C. issue on the planet. I brought in a very run down Desktop, and he ended up fixing most of the box for free. He was throwing in extra parts, downloading and installing my updates, this guy is unreal.

He even helped me one night, on the spot, and stayed an hour past closing time. Above and Beyond!! I am so happy he is around.

He won't sell you anything you don't need, and he is very upfront about what you need, for what you want to accomplish. He has every piece of hardware in the shop, so everything gets done fast, and is super cheap. He was even on the phone with another customer, fixing her problems over the phone, cheating himself out of business. This shop is the best.


Justin T.

Studio City, CA


Yep, there's a reason that '5 Star Computer' has 5 stars on Yelp... I went to Greg for laptop repair because of the raving Yelp reviews. I was NOT disappointed.

Greg is super friendly, very knowledgeable and works quickly to fix your issues. The only reason I didn't get my laptop back in a couple days was because I couldn't pick it up - not because he didn't fix it in record time. :)

Seriously, this is good time & money spent. If you need any kind of computer repair, Desktop or Laptop, take it to 5 Star Computer Service.

If you don't believe me, let me tell you that I am actually writing this review on my newly fixed laptop (which is working at lightning speed thanks to Greg)!

Your friend on Yelp - Justin T

He also gave me a missing keyboard key for cheap... better than buying a new keyboard for sixty bucks...


Zack H.

Los Angeles, CA


I didn't think a computer repair shop could get so many 5 star ratings, so when my computer crashed a few days ago, I decided to see if all the reviews were correct. 5 stars doesn't do this place enough justice! Most importantly, Greg went over everything with me when I first brought my computer in. I knew the minimum I would be spending, what he would be doing, and how it might be more expensive. Not only did it come out to exactly the orginal, minimum cost he told me up front, but he fixed and did way more than what he agreed! He continually called me each day to update me on what he was doing next and if I wanted him to do more. He also added the best anti-virus software out to my computer (for a small fee). All in all, I would definitely go back and I recommend this place to anyone!


Jerry L.

Alhambra, CA


Greg is great. Very straight forward and gives a thorough explanation of what to expect and also what he's done to fix the situation.

His prices seem to be fair as well. He doesn't press you to buy his stuff and gives you options if you want to buy components elsewhere. (For me, I'd like to make sure he stays in business - much better for me to have a viable option if my computer ever goes down again.)

I drove 30 minutes based on the reviews here and wasn't disappointed. Just wished he had a shop closer to me.


Robert S.

Glendale, CA


I had my laptop repaired today and my experience was consistent with other favorable reviews here. I had previously called about what I needed done and the price and amount of time quoted (a couple of hours) were both met as promised. My laptop is finally working normal again.


David B.

Los Angeles, CA


it was late friday night,

after 2 12 packs of stellas between 4 people we decided that the best way to detox was by playing wii. BIG mistake if you are drunk.

we were playing baseball and the homie throws a fast ass pitch and the controller slips out of his hand and of all places the controller hurls towards my toshiba laptop screen in excess speeds of fast as hell.

did it crack you ask? hell yes.

so 346 dollars later the laptop screen was replaced by Greg in THREE business days. his labor to do this was only 45.



Jeff G.

Tarzana, CA


In world where ediocrity rules, and where professionals too often seem pathologically incapable of going above and beyond low-normative average in the service of their clients, this computer shop is a revelation. Greg does everything right. I brought him my Averatec laptop that had a power-charging issue. Not only was he in touch with me by phone every couple of hours to tell me where he was in the process, he methodically went through all the possibilities for the failure, instead of going right to the most profitable-for-him decision. (If he did, I would have paid it and known, right?)

Five stars? Ten stars? Give this man a galaxy and name it Five-Star.



Actually if I could give 7 or 8 star to this business I will do it.

Greg the owner is mastering the place as I never seen that often anywhere in the world.... He take time to listen you, explain you everything about your issues and the way he will proceed to repair your machine, his whole behaviors and communication inspire trust and respect.

His lab is extremely clean and perfectly arranged, everything is under his control and you can feel it.

Greg repaired one of my laptop crossing 5 or 6 different diagnose tools, he analyzed all the components, detected the roots of the problem, cloned my data's and re-installed everything perfectly onto a new hard drive... all in 2 days for a very reasonable price.

He gave me back the trust in computer repair that I lost completely in other places... Greg can also provide you advices to build the machine of your dream and assemble it .

Now I have other things to repair with few other devices and without hesitation I will do it with Greg and 5 Star Computer Service... NO ! 8 Star Computer Service

Yeah ! Fifteen Star Computer Service !
A place I vividly recommend....

Thanks again Greg ;)


Michelle R.

Los Angeles, CA


Greg is the BEST!

i had an 'accident' with my Sony Vaio laptop. couldn't get it to turn on. i was afraid the logic board had died. i had 'accidental damage' coverage, so i'd be able to send to Sony for repair. but Sony won't retrieve data from your hard drive. thank GOD for Greg.

i brought him the laptop + an external hard drive. he was able to retrieve all of our data in less than an hour.

i'd recommend 5 Star to anyone with a PC (my only complaint? he doesn't work on MACS). great service, very professional + knowledgeable, and super friendly.


Marco C.

Los Angeles, CA


I brought my laptop here based on the recommendations from yelp. My hard drive crashed and I brought it here hoping to recover all my personal and work files. 5 Star was very up front with the service charges (they were listed on the wall). Other places I checked out charged by the hour and did not have fixed rate pricing to fix my laptop. Gary also did not charge me a diagnostic fee to see what was wrong with my hard drive. He even stayed after hours, so I can pick up my computer before he left for vacation the next day.

I recommend 5 Star to anyone looking for good, responsive service from an honest, hard working computer technician.


Jason W.

West Hollywood, CA


Five Star Computer Service has truly outstanding customer service with reasonable pricing. Greg, the proprietor, has both hnoesty and integrity and will not try to upsell you like Geek Squad. I have two laptops that I have had bad luck with. the first Dell Inspiron 5100 (not 5150) that is currently the subject of class action civil litigation due to a heat sink issue. After my Dell died, I bought a Compaq R3000 from Best Buy with a Platinum Performance Service Plan ($499.00) well I have had the worst luck with the computer and brought my Delll laptop to Greg after somehow the offshore telephone rep. included my computer in the Inspiron 5150 settlement and replaced the heat sink and other parts. I attempted to install the drivers and then use Second Life and my computer went dark. I hate driving but because of Yelp members positive reviews, I went to the valley and I am thankful that I did as Greg fixed all of the issues with my computer software, viruses and did a data backup/transfer for abput $140.00 and so the Dell is as good as new (although it is now 5 years old). Greg checked with me before he did the work and was really easy to work with. He seems to me a master computer technician and frankly I would rather give my business to a small business owner than to a large company like Best Buy/Geek Squad that is layered in red tape and does not care about the customer. Greg is amazing and is now the only computer vendor I would use if my computer had issues. I appreciate hard work at reasonable prices. For reference, I got a bit lost the first time going there. It is on the border of the City of Van Nuys two blocks or so north of several car dealerships! Thank you Greg!

Steven P.

Los Angeles, CA



I had a Dell desktop. Complete hard-drive meltdown - couldn't even boot, much less read the directory or access the drive.

In 5 minutes, Greg found the problem on the motherboard, explained exactly how to fix it - offering to rebuild my computer with all existing good parts coupled with a new motherboard - and started recovering over 70GB of data for me.

I took my new system home last night - and found that of the ZERO DATA that was available to me when Dell Tech Support said that my hard drive was a complete loss - Greg had recovered over 95% of it.

I can't write a glowing enough review - I was terrified when this happened that I'd lost everything.


Legsy B.

North Hollywood, CA


I was excited to come home and write my first review for Yelp about Five Star Computer Service. This is a fantastic resource! Greg is friendly, honest, and was able to repair my laptop using parts from another laptop in the span of two days! I am blown away by his speediness and skill with computers. It is reassuring to me to know that 5 Star Computer, which should change it's name to 10 Star Computer Service, is close by in case my laptop decides to go on the fritz again. Thank you Greg!


George U.

West Hollywood, CA


All the stuff people wrote below is true.

My friends computer died and I searched on Yelp for a place to take it. I found this one, and thought, "Wow, these people love this guy."

So I took it. Greg was totally cool. He stopped doing what he was doing to look at my friend's computer. He took it apart, tested everything, and explained that the power supply and motherboard were dead. I could tell he was not bs'ing me. I have built computers so I know what he was talking about.

He said, "It will be $250 to fix this one, or $450 for a new one. We can use the same hard drive so you won't have to reinstall everything." So, instead of just selling me a computer, he found a way so that life would be easy for me and my friend. He solved the problem, instead of just selling me some computer stuff.

So, I told my friend, and he said, "OK, I'll get a new computer." I told Greg. Greg said, "OK, I'll get started right now."

Then, two hours later, my friend called me. "I changed my mind. Just go and pick it up." So I called Greg, "Hey, you're gonna kill me, but my friend changed his mind. Did you start working on it?" He said, "Yes, but that's OK. I will put it back the way it was." I said, "OK, I'll go and pick it up. How much do I owe you for your time?"

long pause...

"Well, its OK. Nothing." he said. He was so nice and helpful he didn't even ask to be paid for his time. It was more important to solve my friend's challenge than to get paid. Isn't that awesome?

I said, "All those positive comments on Yelp are true."

I don't know if this long rambling story helps, but that is what happened today. I highly recommend Greg!


Michele G.

Woodland Hills, CA


Thanks Stephy S. and Tracy C. for recommending 5 Star Computer Service. Unfortunately, I didn't take my PC in myself. My husband did. After picking up our computer he said, "You gotta put a review up on Yelp. Greg was so thorough and quick."

Yep. We brought the computer in Wednesday morning and got a call on Thursday that it was ready. Apparently, it was a mess. But that's in the past. Now it's good as new. Wheeeew! I don't know what I would've done without my computer for more than one day.

In the past, we poked around in the yellow pages and found some guy who not only charged a lot but took our computer home to his house for days upon days. Uhhhh....no thanks! Never again.

*Update - Again, major computer trauma!! Apparently, our computer's mother board exploded or something (I'm no expert) when our power went out. Bad timing!!! I am a writer working on a deadline - my article needs to be submitted before tomorrow. Greg saved the day. This morning at 9am,we called. He said to bring our computer over. We did. It's now done at 3pm. And!! It's working better, faster, smoother than ever!!! Thanks, Greg. You are a computer guru. Oh, and you saved my butt. Thanks for that, too.

Thanks, Stephy and Tracy.


Tracy C.

Los Angeles, CA


Got a referral from Stephy S. to go here to get my Dell laptop (that's almost a decade old) fixed. I didn't really care about the computer getting fixed; I just wanted the data on my hard drive. I called Greg, the store owner, beforehand to make an appt. and to get a quote on my laptop. He was nice, honest, and informative, unlike some other computer repair stores I called who just ranted out a bunch of labor costs to me (in the hundreds of dollars).

I went in the next day, and Greg immediately started working on my laptop. He was able to get the data off my computer onto dvds in about 2 hours, and found out I had dozens of viruses on it in the process.

In the end after I got my dvds, I asked him what I should do with my Dell b/c yeah I got what I needed but the stupid thing wasn't booting up Windows correctly. He said he could buy my computer off of me, refurbish it, and potentially sell it again to someone who doesn't want to pay thousands for a laptop.

Anyway, somehow, in the end we negotiated at $135 for my laptop, minus $70 to move the data on dvds, so I got only $60 bucks back . At first I was like whoa, only $60? But I looked into his eyes and asked him "Honestly, do you think I could get more for this laptop anywhere else?" He said he wouldn't lie to me, and no. And you know what? I'm a pretty good judge of character and I believed him. Besides, I wanted the durn laptop off my hands. I only paid $1000 for it, but that was like 7 years ago. I'm pretty sure it's worth crap now. I was tired of lugging that thing around from the 3 times I moved this past year. Plus, I already have a Sony Vaio so whatevs, I took the $60.

Other pluses: He let me use the restroom numerous times (b/c I had too much soda). He even let my dog in even though he said he was allergic to dogs. He answered numerous other questions I had about computers, computer software, and anti-virus questions and I learned a lot. Apparently, Norton Antivirus is not a good program to use for viruses -- it slows down your computer 15-20% he says.

So anyway, it was pretty fast, efficient, and painless process. I got the attention I needed without the fuss. I will go back to get my Sony Vaio cleaned out sometime soon. If you go, say Stephy and Tracy referred you from Yelp. =)


stephy s.

Los Angeles, CA


Never has a business been more accurately named than 5 Star Computer Service! I am the first to admit that I am a bit of a (okay a major) computer re re, but thanks to Greg(the owner), I've never felt more comfortable around the scary world of computer technology.

He's Honest. Reliable. Patient. And just plain cool and he takes care of you at the fairest price around.

So if you have a computer issue, I say screw the Geek Squad and the hundreds of dollars you'll waste cuz they show up in a cute little beetle and go for the guy who will take care of you and make you feel great about the whole experience!